Success without struggle

These 3 insights gives you power, joy and flow every day so you and your people can reach your goals faster and easier

"When I reach this goal I know I’ll be happy”. But what if it is the other way around?     

This presentation will show you that when you go for happiness and fun your goals will be  much easier to reach. This goes against what most people do. They go for the goals because  they think reaching it will make them happy. Most of the time this doesn’t happen.     

Why? Because when you reach a goal it usually doesn’t have the same appeal it had when  you set the goal. And a lot of people are so caught up in everyday life they don’t even notice  when they have reached their goal. And some get trapped in activities that it seems that it  never ends. Don’t let this happen to you and your business. You will reach your goals faster  and easier if you decide to have fun and be happy now. But how do you do that?     

Introducing the 3 insights

The 3 insights is a surprisingly simple way of becoming concious of your own thoughts and  change the way you feel, act and make decisions. This gives you more power, more joy and more flow every day. These 3 These three insights are easy, fun and enjoyable to experience.  You will have your own insights. In your own way. You will notice them by a small shift in your  thinking, a small shift in how you feel and a small shift in how you take action. Then you will  notice bigger things. New ideas, new possibillites, new solutions coming to you every day.     

Here’s a sneak peak of what this speech will give you and your people:     

  • Crystallise your thinking and get laser beam focus so you easily reach any goal you  set for yourself or your business  
  • Get everybody in your team on board and steering in the same direction – even the  trouble makers  
  • Give your people more freedom and responsibilities without everything turning into  chaos  
  • Enjoy better and more intimate relationships with your spouse, family, friends and your  co­workers   
  • Wake up every morning looking forward to a day filled with passion, fun and productive  action  
  • Boost your creativity and solve problems in a heartbeat  
  • Get unusual ideas that helps your business grow faster  
  • Banish stress forever and remain monk like calm under pressure  
  • Suddenly get cooperation from argumentative and negative people, even if they’ve told  you no several times  
  • Enjoy your newly found relaxed confidence no matter what happens in your business  
  • Make better decisions based on what you really want    

Here’s a quick description of the insights:

1. The Objective

When I talk to people during my speeches, workshops and lectures I’ve noticed that people in general do not set goals. What people do is that they hope that this year will be better than last year. At least it won’t be as bad as last year, they seem to think, because that would be boring. So they hope, but the do not take time to really figure out what they really want and they never think about how fun it would be to reach their goals. I think setting goals is important. But many people have bad feelings about setting goals and that has to do with a misunderstanding. Because if we back up a bit, the reason for setting goals, for most people, is to feel that you have accomplished something, that you have grown as a person. That you know feel happier and more joyful. Happy because you have accomplished something, or gained something or managed to do something that they didn’t think they could do.

The problem people who set goals experience is that they focus so much on the goal that they forget to be happy now. They just work towards the goal. What if the trick is to go the other way around? Be happy now instead of later, because if you are you will gain access to much more of your potential and you will get much better results in everything you do. Plus, you will have more fun! I think we can all do that by having meaningful personal goals. By that I mean that you set your own personal goals that actually is something that you want to do. Not that you take orders from someone else about what you ”should” do.

2. The elevator

As we move towards our personal and meaningful goal it is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. Do you sometimes feel different when you wake up in the morning? Most of the time everything is actually the same as before, but it feels different. So some days you just want to take the whole world in your arms. You know that it will be a really good day and it feels like everyone wants you well. And other days you wake up with a bad feeling in your stomach. Everything feels heavy and it doesn’t matter what you do because everything is going to hell anyway. The interesting thing is that we can feel different although nothing has changed.

We can have the same job, the same boss, the same colleagues, the same work, the same wife or husband, the same children - yes, even the weather can be the same. But it feels different some days! The only thing that has changed is our thoughts! Our thoughts about the circumstances right now. Here’s how I see it. It is the circumstances that is our life. Things happen all the time. Everybody has their own circumstances (that aren’t like anyone elses). And another thing is that these circumstances are nor good nor bad. They just are. It is the way you think about and value your circumstances that makes you experience them as good or bad.

This is like being in an elevator. When you feel good you are at the top floor. You have a vision for your life, you see clear alternatives, you feel calm and that you can handle anything that happens. And sometimes the elevator is going down. Then you are stuck in the basement. The only thing you see i darkness. No options and no improvement whatsoever. I have a picture in my head how all this hangs together.

I think our natural approach to life is to feel good, joyful and happy. Just look at a small child. They are just happy, with or without a reason. They see life as an adventure and they feel happy to participate and discover things. We also have this ability and when we use it, we are in the zone. This is where you have access to all the good things in life. When you are in the zone you feel prosperous, successful, energized, happy and loving. This is the place where you are both effective and creative and everything feels effortless. At this place you are relaxed and you get your best ideas without any effort. You know how you can solve things and you have clarity in everything you do. This is you at your best. Everything goes your way easily. We all have access to this state. It is a default setting in us all and it is free for everyone to use.

But sometimes we don’t see this. Dark thougths enter our minds. You get frustrated, you find excuses, you get anxious, stressed out, fearful, angry, envious, etc. All these bad feelings lead to bad results. The trick is to know where in the elevator you are. Are you on the way up or on the way down? When you get concious of this you can start to control your state and soon your are more in the zone and spend less time in the dark basement

3. The truth

What is the truth? Is there really one truth? I don’t think there is an absolute truth. I think it is our thoughts that creates our truth. Here’s an example. Let’s say that the CEO of a company brings all employees together in a room because he wants to give everybody the same information. And let’s say that he announces that the company has been sold. This information will create different feelings and thoughts in different people.

Some will think, ”At last! Finally there will be some order here!”. And someone else might think, ”Oh my god. What on earth will happen now? Am I going to be fired? Probably. The new owners won’t like me. Damn it! I need my job!”. And someone else might think, ”This is great news. Now I have a chance to get the corner office with the big windows”.

Same information, but it is interpreted in different ways depending on how we think.

There may not be any real truth. All we have are our thoughts. And the ability to ride the elevator. For me, there are some fundamental truths and one of them is that you do not need to change anything. You were born perfect and you are still perfect with an enormous ability and potential. All you have to do is to get a little bit better at riding the elevator. And in all my speeches, workshops and lectures I teach you how you can become a master at riding your elevator.

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