Speaker Ola Wallstrom reveals

- 3 insights that give you power, joy and flow every day


More power. More joy. More flow.

That’s what you can enjoy every day when you know the three insights I discovered. These three insights are easy, fun and enjoyable to experience. You will have your own insights. In your own way. You will notice them by a small shift in your thinking, a small shift in how you feel and a small shift in how you take action. Then you will notice bigger things. New ideas, new possibilites, new solutions coming to you every day.

Discover The 3 insights

The Objective

Did you know that a lot of people confuse forecasts and assignements with goals?
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The Elevator

We are all born perfect. But when we grow up most of us starts to have "bad luck” in our thinking.
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The Truth

Some things you believe might not actually be true. What you percieve is your reality.
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Hi, I’m Ola Wallstrom. Thank you for visiting my website. Since you are here my guess is that you are interested in how I can help you. 

There are many reasons why people come to my speeches, lectures and workshops. The most common are:
  1. To get new thoughts , ideas and insights on how you can reach your goals more easily and create results faster
  2. Get practical thinking tools on how you can prioritize everything that is going on in your life better
  3. Get inspiration and discover how fun and easy it can be to find your passion and get the courage you need to reach new goals regardless of your circumstances

Meet Ola

Ola Wallstrom is an author and speaker on simplifying success and his discovery, The 3 insights that gives you power, joy and flow every day. During the last 15 years he has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of individuals to reach their personal and professional goals, get more out of each day and enjoy life fully. He has delivered several hundred Keynote presentations, lectures and workshops both in Sweden (where he currently lives) and abroad. He is the author of two books himself and and co-author of three more books in the personal dvelopment field.
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"This is the first time I’ve went home from a workshop about leadership knowing that I don´t have to do more. I can do less. I can do a lot less and grow my businesses faster."
- Roine Aronsson, entrepreneur and owner of retail store.